There are many amazing benefits to owning an electric car. Not only are electric cars much cheaper to run than conventional cars they’re also way better for the environment. However, there is one downside to owning an electric car: charging your electric car isn’t as easy as filling up your petrol/diesel car. 

With a petrol station on every corner, and the entire process taking a max of 10 minutes, car owners have become used to a convenience they don’t want to lose. 

Whilst the popularity of Australian and Sydney electric cars is growing, requiring more charging stations to be installed along Sydney highways, they’re still not as easily available as petrol stations. 

This is why the best place to charge your electric car in Sydney is actually at your home.

Most electric vehicles include a charging unit that can be plugged into any standard power point. This can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 12+ hours depending on the size of the battery, the speed of the charging point, and the amount of charging required. 

It is possible to increase the speed of your charge significantly by having a different power point installed by your Sydney electrician. Just plug your electric car into this new power point and your car will be charged in no time. 

Electric cars, otherwise known as EVs, run on electricity rather than liquid fuels like petrol. This means they’re better for both your wallet, and the environment. But not your patience, if you’re charging them from a regular in-home power socket.

Thankfully, there’s now no need to wait all night to be able to drive your electric car, or having to hang out in a fancy hotel lobby while your car charges in the car park. We can install a powerful electric car charger in your Sydney home. 

If you’re looking for a trusted electrician in Sydney to install an electric car charging system in your home, look no further.

Safe and Sound are Sydney’s electrical specialists offering electric car charger installation as well as all your general electrical needs. We’re also specialists in Home Automation and lighting. Clearly you’re a clever cookie. You bought an electric car after all. So while we’re there, why not make your home as smart as you are? 

We can install a special electric car power point at your Sydney home today. For more reliable, convenient, and quicker electric car charging at home book a quote here via our easy online system.