Best Home Automation Trends

Home automation is not just for the tech-obsessed Australian homeowners. Motion-sensor lighting and 24/7 smart surveillance is for anyone who likes comfort, luxury and modern security. Which is almost half of the Australian population, precisely 49% according to Bunnings research. Fortunately this means installing home automation features into your Sydney home will increase the value of your property and increase its appeal to future renters or buyers. But there are many more benefits to home automation, and we are going to dive into each one in this blog.

Here is the inspiration you were looking for to take the exciting leap into Sydney home automation.

Home Automation Trend 1: Luxury Home entertainment

More and more Australians are opting for streaming platforms over going to the cinema than ever before. Which has led to more and more Australians opting for bigger and better entertainment systems. Recreate the cinematic experience at home with an immersive sound system and a smart TV, all controlled from an app on your phone. 

Are you ready to upgrade the luxury and comfort of your Friday night netflix binge? 

Home Automation Trend 2: Customisable Lighting  

From motion-sensors, to app integration to voice control and customisable timers, there are now endless lighting control options available to choose from over the standard wall switch. With valuable security benefits on top of adding comfort, fun and energy-efficiency into your home, it comes as no surprise that customizable lighting is one of the best home automation trends moving into 2022. 

3 popular smart home lighting features include:

  1. Setting different themes for different rooms and using voice control or your phone to turn them on. For example, “movie night” dims and warms the lighting in your home theatre. While “party” transforms your standard house lights into fun alternating colours. 
  1. Motion sensor bathroom and hallway lighting to make your nighttime toilet journey safer. As well as motion-sensor outdoor lighting to prevent running into bushes or tripping over steps when you come home late. This smart home lighting feature is also extremely effective at scaring intruders away from your property.
  1. Integrating every light in your home onto a smart home app makes it easier to switch all the lights off at the end of the night. Imagine being cosy in bed and suddenly remembering you left the kitchen light on. Instead of getting out of bed and walking all the way back to the kitchen on cold flooring, just press a button on your app.

Home Automation Trend 3: High-Tech Security 

Your home is your sanctuary away from the exciting busy-ness of Sydney living. It keeps you safe, comfortable and relaxed, except when intruders sneak onto your property. Smart security makes it easier than ever to have peace of mind that your home is protected. Whether you are in bed, at work or on holiday, being able to see a live feed of your entire home and yard is priceless. 

Fibaro has a wide range of smart security solutions that will help you sleep better at night. Start exploring your new safe and smart home features here. 

Upgrade your Sydney home using the best home automation features

From indulgent movie nights to impressive dinner party hosting to priceless uninterrupted sleep, the benefits to sydney smart home automation is endless.  

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Best Home Automation Trends