FIBARO Home Automation System

The Fibaro System is here to make your life easier. Control your entire home (climate, appliances, gates, blinds and more) at the swipe of a button. With everything connected, the possibilities are endless. Messenger, Google Assistant and amazon alexa are just some of the  systems supported by FIBARO.

A FIBARO smart home is user-friendly and is designed to adapt to the needs of your family. Most importantly, the security of your data is a core component of the system. Access to your home and data is protected through the WAF and Anti-DDoS systems, encrypted communication using the TLS protocol. Passwords are secured using bcrypt.

FIBARO Installations in Randwick & Sydney

Safe N Sound Electrical are FIBARO home automation specialists and install the FIBARO system in Randwick and all surrounding areas of Sydney. One of the biggest advantages of the FIBARO system is its mobility. As none of the components are permanently connected to the structures of your home, the system can be dismounted and taken to your new home when you move.

Safe N Sound Electrical is a licensed FIBARO reseller, so you can count on us to install and configure your new home automation system.

Benefits of FIBARO

  • Simple To Install
  • Easy To Use
  • Voice Control
  • Remote Access
  • Energy Efficient
  • Climate Control

FIBARO & Amazon Alexa  – Home Voice Control