If you’re building, renovating or wanting a few home upgrades, creative and innovative lighting provides you with the opportunity to elevate the everyday in your home to the extraordinary. 

The choice is almost endless with some extremely sophisticated lighting options now on offer. Getting the design right and choosing the best products is all down to planning.

Here at Safe n Sound, lighting specialists Sydney, we can help you customise a creative and innovative lighting plan for your home. We know how to illuminate spaces in a way that really wows. 

A popular option at the moment is track lighting. Track lights are an at home lighting idea to wow up your lighting scheme. Strung from the ceiling, track lighting attracts the eye in a way downlights never will, adding an artistic/innovative angle to any space.

Simplicity is the key when it comes to this modern home lighting idea. Several lights strung along a single track is an ideal way to shine the light on different areas.  And you don’t just have to limit them to the kitchen or living area; track lights also work really well in bedrooms to add a different element and ambiance. 

Pendant lights are still proving really popular. They can be elegant, dainty, artistic, innovative, or unique, the choice is yours. Pendant lights can be a bold statement feature throughout your home, or simply add character and dimension to a space. One of the easiest ways to get that modern house feel is to incorporate sharp angles and geometric patterns with lighting. The options really are limitless.  

At Safe n Sound, lighting specialists Sydney, we are seeing that LEDs are continuing to gain popularity throughout Sydney homes. The eco-friendly alternative has had a makeover, with LEDs used for subtle highlighting and to alter the mood of a space. 

Another creative and innovative lighting trend is industrial lighting. This includes crafted lighting using industrial materials, or old fixtures.

Wireless ambient lighting are also fantastic solutions that can be used in combination with smart home controls for improved accessibility. Some offer the possibility to adjust both the hue and intensity of your lighting to compliment the background music or noise in the home. If you’re not a morning person, you can even program your lights to come on with gradually, and then they slowly increase to help you ease into your day at a comfortable pace. These are only a few of the various uses and benefits which are provided by wireless ambient lighting.

Whatever the occasion, lighting can make a huge difference in distinguishing your style and mood.

At Safe n Sound, lighting specialists Sydney, we provide a  range of electrical and lighting services for homeowners/business owners that are wanting to ensure they have the best possible lighting solutions.,  We can’t wait to transform your home with the perfect lighting design. Contact our team of certified electricians for a consultation and assessment of your requirements so we can arrive at a fully customised solution for your lighting design needs.